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Dil Bilim

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Alan Eğitimi

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Eğitim Fakültesi Müfredatı (Akademik Müfredat)

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Anadolu, Fen ve Öğretmen Liseleri Öğretmenlik Sınavı







İngilizce Öğretmenliği Ders Alanlarının Konu İçerikleri

Dil Yeterliği

– Tense system in English
– Present and Perfect Modals
– Passive & Causative Structures
– Parts of Speech
– Articles
– Prepositions
– Noun clauses
– Adjective Clauses
– Relative Adverb Clauses
– Adverbial Clauses
– Subjunctives
– Cleft sentences
– Conjunctions
– Sentence Structures/Types
– Cohesive Devices
– Affixation in English
– Punctuation Marks
– Restatement
– Dialogue Completion
– Paragraph Completion
– Irrelevant Sentence
– Reading Comprehension
– Vocabulary


Dil Bilim

– Introduction to Language & Linguistics
– Neurolinguistics
– Phonetics & Phonology
– Morphology
– Syntax
– Semantics
– Pragmatics
– Sociolinguistics
– Discourse Analysis
– Language Acquisition



– Introduction to Literature
– Figures of Speech / Literary Devices
– Literary Genres
– Poetry (Types of Poetry / Sound Devices)
– Prose (Short Story / Novel / Plot and Plot Analysis / Character Types / Literary Devices Used in Prose Writing)
– Drama
– Brief History of English Literature
– Old English Period
– Middle English Period
– Renaissance / Elizabethan English Period
– Early 17th century
– Restoration Literature
– Romantic Period
– Victorian Period
– Contemporary Period
– Notable Literary Movements and Ideologies


Alan Bilgisi

– Approaches, Methods & Techniques
– Teaching Language Skills
– Factors Affecting Language Teaching & Learning
– Teaching English to Young Learners & Classroom Management
– Materials Development, Adaptation & Evaluation
– Language Acquisition
– Testing in ELT


İngilizce Öğretmenliği Çıkmış Sorular


1.Which of the following sentences does not contain a collective noun

A) The target aufience fort he advertisement was maintly teenagers.
B) Aii the local Clery were asked to attend the ceremony.
C) the family has decided to move to another city.
D) Measles causes fever and smail red spots that cover the whe whole body.
E) The Government has been considering further tax cuts.


2.In which of the following sentences is the underlined expression misused ?

A) The three sisters are devoted to another.
B) The children had a fight and started to hit each other.
C) After ten years, Patrick  and Ted were happy to see themselves again.
D) I’m not sure if’ll type my paper myself.
E) He’s lived bu himself since his wife died.


3.    Which of the following sentence contains a structural ambiguity?

A) The woman in my Office cannot bear children.
B)The tourists complained that they had trouble following the guide.
C)We booked a room that was very close to the bank.
D)He filled the pen right after the meetings.
E)The boy ate the apple under the table.


4. In English, different afixes may share a similar function. Based on the information above, in which of the following words is the suffix  used  to serve a different purpose ?

A) Industrial
B) Applicant employer
C) Employer
D) Violonist
E) Mathematician


5. Which of the following lexical items is monosyllabic?

A) Movie
B) Yellow
C) Talked
D) Open
E) Measure

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